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UNIA is an independent public institution that fights against discrimination, promotes equality and protects human rights.

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Institute for the Equality of Women and Men (IGVM) is an independent federal government institute that guarantees and promotes equality between women and men. It combats all types of discrimination and inequality based on gender.

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Child Focus is a foundation that is actively involved in two areas. It vouches for the prevention of sexual exploitation of children and aims to trace missing children. 

Logo mediawijs.png

Mediawijs is a Flemisch government organisation that informs Flemish inhabitants to use and comprehend digital technology in a creative, critical, and conscious way in order to participate effectively in our society. 

Conseil Supérieur de l'Education aux Médias has set up a reflection system in order to amplify and develop sources of education localised on social media. Therefore, it critically researches online resources that are likely to contribute to media education. The online resources presented in a short and accessible format are aimed at different educational audiences: teachers, parents, educators and facilitators, adolescents and children.


Awel is a contact centre for children and youth with the aim to support them with their questions and issues. This organisation consists out of volunteers that listen carefully to them and possibly provide some advice. This call is completely anonymous.

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Sensoa’s main goal is to promote sexual health in Flanders and Brussels from an international perspective. They approach sexual health as a multi-concept paying attention to the prevention of risks and diseases as well as spotlighting the protection of sexual and reproductive rights.

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