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Belspo's mission is to prepare, implement and evaluate federal science policy on behalf of the Government and in support of the competencies of the Federal Government. To this end, it finances research projects based on scientific excellence and European and international anchorage. 


In particular, @ntidote is funded by the BRAIN-be 2.0 programme. This programme consists out of three pillars:

1. Challenges and knowledge of the living and non-living world;

2. Heritage science;

3. Federal societal challenges.


@ntidote is part of this third and last pillar, which supports research that addresses current societal challenges that are not covered by the other pillars. The topics funded in this pillar are selected in function of those challenges that are considered a priority by the federal authority and that align with international and European research agendas. The ultimate goal is to develop solid scientific expertise to support the competencies, strategic orientations, and policies of the federal state. 

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